surfer rock, spaghetti western films and rock & roll


Los Gold Fires released their 3 part EP project titled “MID-WESTERN”.


With a love of surfer rock, spaghetti western films and rock and roll, Los Gold Fires creates what they call 'Mid-Western.The band organizes their shows with community in mind. Hosting them in venues centered around the local art scene in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Featuring painters, photographers and performing artists.

Los Gold Fires consists of Edgar Elio Diaz (vocals), Siul Esoj Reynoso (guitar), Mark Rendon (guitar), Cristobal David Mora (drums) and Alex Sanchez (bass). United mid 2015, drawn together by their shared love of bands like: The Doors, The Strokes, The Growlers, and The Arctic Monkeys. 


Sounds like: Rock & Roll, Indie Rock, Surf Rock, Latin Rock



312.320.7517 - CRISTOBAL MORA


Past Shows:

Portage Theater - Natalia Lafourcade

Thalia Hall - Monsieur Perine

Pilsen Fest 2016

Taco Fest 2017

Pilsen Food Truck Social

Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI

Cinco de Mayo - St. Louis, MO

Villapalooza - Crudos

Fiesta Del Sol 2016

Beat Kitchen - Spirt Animal

The Dojo - Midwestern Release Party

The Observatory - Troy Anderson

Pilsen Vintage

Honky Tonk

The Abbey

Elbow Room

The Wire